A design agency for science

Our philosophy

We see ourselves as an extension of your team, becoming integral to your brand success

It's how we see our relationship with our partners. Rather than being seen merely as a creative service provider, we strive to seamlessly blend into your team.

As a full-service design agency for science, we're focused on delivering brand impact and marketing solutions to any stage of technological development. We cultivate meaningful connections throughout your organization. In doing so, we effortlessly evolve into an extension of your team—partners who are in tune with your objectives and the milestones that move the needle.

Design Agency for Science

These are our numbers that serve quality


Client onboarding

We cap the number of client accounts that we handle at any given time. This approach enables HDG to fully integrate with your team, minimizing the disruptions typically associated with workload stresses.


Our attention is yours

We still remain flexible by keeping our last account slot open for a possible new client that hopefully stops by. We don't enjoy turning anyone away, however sometimes we just don't fit the need.


Making heads count

When you engage with us, we source 3 exceptional and uniquely qualified professionals to service your account. You're in great hands when tapping the talent of our team.

Hubble Design Group

HDG Leadership team


I could hire a full-time team of professionals, but then I’m stuck if something goes sideways. Leveraging a team like HDG allows me to be flexibility and scale at a moment's notice. The team is reliable, professional, ALWAYS available when I need them, and tremendous fun to work with.

Micheal Hinds

Chief Marketing Officer

My trust in HDG opens up new possibilities beyond imagination. A true partner who never fails to deliver, regardless of the challenge. From the complex problems to the limited timeline expectations, the team is focused and committed to deliver exceptional results.

Joe Lee

Executive VP of Digital Strategy & Customer Experience

Hubble Design Group

Focus areas


Born to


You run a successful enterprise, and we're here to elevate it into a compelling brand. Our expertise lies in creating a resonant brand identity for you, encapsulated in a detailed style guide. This ensures that your brand's unique traits, persona, and core values can be consistently replicated throughout your organization. We collaborate closely with partners who share our vision, with the ultimate goal of boosting your sales and enhancing your business.




We are digital aficionados that love working with you through the process of developing successful digital programs. Through our digital services offered, we can build effective marketing campaigns memorable website experiences. We strive for nothing less than to be considered your highly reliable and trustworthy strategic partner—not just a service provider. Beyond good chemistry, we are diligent to foster partnerships set upon mutual respect.




We design for simple and unchanging truths that underpin human behaviour—our desire for captivating stories that resonate on the deepest levels. We conceptualize unique visual elements that capture viewer attention and then orchestrate the ensemble of storytelling solutions to drive your brand story to new heights. Our goal is to create experiences in an engaging way that result in customer action.

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